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Hossam Dawa

Intra Oral Digital Impressions and Soft tissue Contour

Soft tissue alterations after tooth removal and dental implant placement may be challenging to achieve acceptable aesthetic and hygiene outcomes.
Unlike indirect lab-scanning procedures, direct intra-oral scan technique helps in avoiding laborious conventional procedures and their accumulated errors, besides being proved to be more time-efficient and patient-user friendly.
In this lecture I will be discussing the available digital and hybrid workflows to capture the soft tissue volume accurately.

  • Coordinator of the PG program of Medicina Dentaria Digital, CESPU University, Portugal.
  • Assistent Professor na Dawson Academy UK ,Liverpool, UK.
  • Specialist Oral Surgeon by OMD , Portugal.
  • KOL for 3shape Academy,Denmark
  • KOL for BioHorizons, USA.
  • Manager of ProDiGi teaching Academy | 2015-present|Porto, Portugal.
  • Clinical Director in Dawa Clinic |2002- presente| Sao Joao Da Madeira, Porto, Portugal
  • Manager of Dawa-Lab |2006-presente|Porto, Portugal

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